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Tire Service, Repairs, & Sales in the London, Ontario area

Tire Service, Repairs, & Sales London

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually touch the road. This is why it’s so important to conduct routine tire inspections. Your safety and the overall health of your car depend on it!

Here are some things to look for in your tire inspection to tell if they require a visit to the tire technicians at Vaughan Auto Service.

How to Tell if My Tires Need Servicing

Over Inflation

  • Excessive inflation can lead to a disproportionate disbursement of air throughout the tire resulting in a raised mid-section. This creates more wear in the middle of the tire than the sides.

Under Inflation

  • Adversely, this is when the lack of air creates more wear on the sides of the tire than the middle.

Wear on Edges of Tread

  • This develops when wheels are out of alignment.

Inconsistent Tread Wear

  • Sometimes referred to as cupping, there are many factors that could cause this. From imbalanced wheels to shock and suspension parts that may need to be replaced.

Raised Tread or Sidewall

  • This may be due to a separated belt in the tire structure.

If you notice these, or any other warning signs, it may be time to have your tires serviced.

Vaughan Auto Service for All Your Tire Needs in London

At Vaughan Auto Service, our team of skilled technicians are here to help with any of your tire servicing needs. Contact us today if you need…

Tire Rotation

  • The front and rear tires of a vehicle perform and operate very differently. Over time, this creates uneven wear between the two. Tire rotations are essential to the lifespan of your vehicle and help prevent even bigger problems down the line.

Tire Balancing

  • There are many reasons that your tires can become unbalanced over time. If you notice a vibration in your tires, especially while turning, it’s time to have your tires balanced.

Wheel Alignment

  • Every vehicle has its own wheel alignment specifications that, if not adhered to, can cause uneven wear in your tires. This can negatively impact the handling and fuel economy in addition to the lifespan of your tires.

Tire Installation

  • It’s essential to have tires installed correctly to prevent any of the first three things happening. This means that things like the alignment, balancing, and air pressure are set correctly from the start so you can identify when strange behaviors occur in your

Where is The Best Tire Installation Near Me?

If you’re in the London area, when you think, “where is the best tire service near me?”, think Vaughan Auto Service.

At Vaughn Auto Service we guarantee an excellent customer experience. With us you can count on:

  • Professional Licensed Technicians
  • Guaranteed Repairs and Services
  • Customer Care and Rewards Program
  • Complimentary Local Shuttle Service
  • Environmentally Friendly Facilities
  • Early Bird and Night Owl Services
  • 24 Month / 40 000km Nationwide Warranty on All Parts and Labour
  • Courtesy Cars When Pre-Arranged

When you need tires, our expert technicians will help you get the best tires at the right price. Book your appointment with our tire experts today!

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