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When it comes to automobile air conditioners, servicing them is not something many owners think to do. However, if you’re looking for consistent cool air in your car on hot summer days, this service may creep its way up your to do list.

Air conditioning in an automobile operates similarly to a regular air conditioner, but on a smaller scale. Eventually, A/C fittings can become loose, seals, hoses, and O-rings wear out, and your refreshingly icy blasts will stop!

In order to fix a problem, you must diagnose the cause of the AC malfunction.

Is my AC working properly?

Here are some ways to figure out if your car’s air conditioner is working correctly;

  • As with the steering and the water pump, the compressor also uses engine power. In the case of a compressor clutch seizing, there is a possibility that the compressor will be put under an excessive load, which would result in a breakdown. As a result, the engine overheated.
  • Many things may cause your air conditioning system to cease working, including an insufficient level of refrigerant, a damaged condenser, or a damaged compressor belt.
  • When your air conditioner has not been used in a while, bacteria and fungi may form, resulting in an unpleasant odor.
  • There are a number of reasons why your car might be humid inside during the summertime, but the most common cause is usually air conditioner moisture or debris trapped within the system.
  • In case your car’s air conditioning system is blowing warm air or the system is malfunctioning, the expansion valve or orifice tube needs to be replaced immediately.
  • If your air conditioning system is working properly, it will drain the water outside when it is necessary. Consequently, a clog in your water line can also cause backups in other places, such as the mats on the floor under your feet. To avoid an extremely dangerous situation, refrigerant leaks must be addressed immediately to prevent the possibility of a fire.
  • If you hear a loud, high-pitched whirring noise while operating the air conditioner, it could be due to a short compressor bearing (if the noise is coming from the engine bay). On the other hand, if the noise is coming from inside the cabin, it could be the blower fan assembly that needs to be repaired.

When to visit a professional?

You can solve some less complex issues by restoring mangled hoses and ensuring that there is enough refrigerant. Still, you make sure you don’t overstep your know-how so that you avoid causing additional damage. It is always appropriate to leave the fixing to a professional.

The team at Vaughan Auto Service in London, Ontario can perform everything from an annual inspection to diagnosing and replacing system components. Checking the system regularly ensures optimal cooling and identifies any potential refrigerant leaks.

Our heating and cooling services include:

➔   Monitoring the output temperature

➔   Monitoring the fan level on the system

➔   Changing the orifice tube

➔   Determine the Freon level using PSI pressure

➔   Test the compressor and blower fan to make sure they are working properly.

➔   Detecting signs of ageing and potential failure of belts and hoses

➔   Testing for possible problems with switches, fuses, wiring, condensers, or internal compressor seals

There is no way you could fix an AC system if you do not have the tools, know-how, or a buddy who can. Therefore, it is important to have a few hacks for resolving AC problems.

You can recharge a car’s freon at home with freon recharging kits made available online and in automotive supply stores. But even if it seems like a convenient alternative to taking your vehicle to a mechanic, working on your A/C system at home carries some significant risks.

Adding too much freon or over pressurizing your car’s cooling system can permanently damage the A/C compressor clutch if you recharge it at home. Often, a thirty-dollar repair can become a repair that costs more than the vehicle is worth. A person may decide to take this risk based on their experience in auto repair.

Tips for maintaining your car’s air conditioning at home.

  • Clean the car’s air filter – Keeping your car’s filters clean is important for improving the air quality. Furthermore, it will also help reduce the shear loads on the vehicle’s structure. Do not forget to clean the cabin filter or the HVAC system filter, which can be found directly behind the glove box. To clean it, use a brush. Also use it to clean the fins as well. Use a deodorizer before installation for better results.
  • Clean the vents – Be sure that the vents are carefully cleaned as if dust gathers on the vents long enough, it can obstruct the cooling coil, which results in an inefficient cooling process, leading to unbearable heat.
  • Clean the condenser – Condensers are located behind the car’s front bumper. Aluminum fins and lines allow fresh air to enter. As the refrigerant flows through the condenser, the fan cools it. Keep the condenser clean by hosing it down with low-pressure water. As a result, the leaves, debris, or dust that can potentially affect AC cooling would be dislodged.

Vaughan Auto Service is committed to maintaining your vehicle correctly and ensuring that it can remains energy efficient and on the road for as long as possible.

With our expertise in car air conditioning repair, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to determine if additional services, such as scheduled maintenance are needed.

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