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Oil Change Services in South London, ON

Oil Change

Every automobile needs regular oil changing services; the operation of an engine solely depends on oil. Most cars require multi-grade, low viscosity, full synthetic oil, and resource sustaining engine oil that minimizes friction, lubricates metallic parts, and maximizes fuel conservation.

Several vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the oil in their vehicles every 5,000 kilometres. But due to advancements in oil technology and chemistry, many vehicle manufacturers recommend longer oil change intervals. Your car may only need an oil change every 12,000 km or even 16,000 km, depending on how frequently you drive it.

When an oil filter or oil change is performed, the sump plug has to be removed to drain the oil. Changing the oil filter and the sump plug are essential after clearing the oil filter from the engine. As soon as the oil has been refilled to the correct level, the engine can be started normally.

There are specific service intervals for any vehicle. However, many newer cars have oil life monitoring systems that detect and alert you when your oil needs to be changed. Early simple structures are often based on time and mileage according to standard specifications. Still, new and well-advanced systems can critically analyze the vehicle’s operation and point out the exact time for degradation of the engine oil.

We recommend always turning to your owner’s manual for the proper service intervals of all your regular maintenance needs.

Car engines are complicated systems with numerous moving parts; they are prone to wear and tear. The oil provides lubrication and biasing for high efficiency. For this reason, an oil change is an essential service in your car care routine.

Benefits of changing your oil:

  1. Engine oil cools the engine components, improving its ability to run: The recurrent rubbing and friction and the combustion rate will generate heat which can damage the components if care is not taken. An oil change lubricates the components of your engine and decreases friction and heat. The use of an oil filter can help ensure the use of clean oil, which will improve its efficiency.
  2. An oil change can prevent high repair costs: Changing engine oil is inexpensive and fast; it takes only 15 to 20 minutes to perform an oil change. Refusing to change it may result in damages to the various important components of the engine, which will result in high costs in fixing.
  3. Oil changes increase fuel efficiency: High fuel consumption depends on the engine’s low efficiency. The engine’s low efficiency depends on its degradation; it is therefore very important for a regular change in engine oil to save some money at the fuel pumps.
  4. Oil change protects the engine against corrosion: Metals are generally susceptible to corrosion, and engines are no exception. It is highly vulnerable to corrosion from natural elements, engine oil issues a preservative shielding that protects the parts from corrosion by avoiding moisture attacks and other conditions that result in corrosion.
  5. Oil changes increase the resale value of your car: The regular replacement of engine oil and oil filter results in the scale of resale being higher when it comes time to resell.

Considering the health and longevity of the car’s engine is important, as it is one of the most important components. Oil checks must be performed regularly to accomplish this, and checking the oil status weekly may be crucial for the engine’s efficiency to run smoothly.

Schedule an oil change at Vaughan Auto Service in South London, ON. Our team will let you know the manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval for your vehicle. Book an appointment or Call to speak with a service advisor today.

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